Forestry in India is a major environmental resource and a significant rural industry. The country needs effective and robust forest resource management for the health of the environment, to preserve biodiversity, protect the forest economy and meet the resource needs of the nation in a sustainable way. Effective monitoring and safeguarding forest resources is key to achieving this objective. Scientific management of forests with technology like geospatial technology is revolutionising forest resources assessment, monitoring and management, proving to be a solution that is cost effective, time saving and importantly, effective.

Focus Areas:

Digitising forest boundaries

Monitoring deforestation and degradation of forests

Assessment of changes to forest cover at local and country levels

Monitoring illegal logging activities

Monitoring, mitigating and planning relief efforts in forest fires

Better environmental governance

Planning, implementation, and real time monitoring of various schemes and programmes

Monitoring of carbon stock of Indian forests

Monitoring and evaluation of compensatory afforestation activities


Dr Anmol Kumar

Director General Forest Survey of India

Vinod Kumar

Director, Indira Gandhi National Forest Academy

Ajit Pattnaik

Director, Odisha Forestry Sector Development Project
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Engr. Motaleb Hossain Sarker

Director Ecology (Ecology, Forestry and Biodiversity) Division, Center for Environmental and Geographic Information Services, Bangladesh

G Rajshekar

Scientist "SF", Forestry Division, National Remote Sensing Centre

Prakash Mathema

Director General, Department of Forest Research and Survey, Nepal

Dr Sandeep Tripathi

CEO, Odisha Space Applications Centre

Shailesh Shankar

Manager - Sales Engineering (Asia Pacific), DigitalGlobe
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Dr H C Mishra

Andhra Pradesh Forest Department
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Dr SPS Kushwaha

Head Forestry & Ecology Department, Indian Institute of Remote Sensing
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R K Srivastav

CCF IT, Karnataka Forest Department

G.R Pramod Kumar

SRF, Dept of Environmental Science, Bangalore University